Matthew 28:18–20, Mark 16:15–17
A Mission To Die For

Reach People #1 - Caleb Nicholes.

Jesus’ mission is our mission and in this series we discuss the ultimate purpose of a faithful Christian, to REACH PEOPLE with the Good News about JESUS.

Sermon Application
Pray: Say a prayer for each person on your list.
Do: Create a list of friends & family who you could share the Good News about Jesus with.

Discussion Questions

1. Each share your personal salvation story – How did you come to believe in and follow Jesus?

2. Each person identify and pray for one friend that God wants you to reach out to with the Good news about Jesus.

3. Have you ever had a good (or bad) experience with sharing the Gospel (evangelism)?

4. Did the sermon challenge you with the urgent need of Reach Australia with the Gospel?