Mark 10: 17-31
Is Money Trustworthy?

Money Matters #1 - Caleb Nicholes. Jesus offers us freedom from chasing financial freedom. Every person, every day, in every place is dealing with money. God addresses Money because it Matters in our relationship with Him and others.

Discussion Questions

1. Where talk is everywhere! Where do you notice money matters in culture, in the church and in your own life?

2. Read Mark 10:17–31 (NLT) together. Jesus said the Rich Young man lacked one thing, to sell all his possessions. How does Jesus’ response challenge our notion of being a “good person” as being enough for God? How does trust in money impact your ability to believe and follow Jesus?

3. How do you often respond to financial pressure? How would you respond to this statement. "If you're not trusting Jesus with your money, are you really trusting Jesus at all?"