John 1:12–13
Family of Origin

RELATIONSHIPS #3 - Caleb Nicholes

Our families are imperfect, so God invites us into His perfect family. While relationships are common, they are often complicated. This series will explore God's superior way for approaching our relationships.

Connect to Jesus this week by...

Use the handout to genogram your family:

  • Map back to your Grandparents  
  • List Generational themes  
  • List Earthquake events
  • Diagnose relational dynamics
  • Discuss with your life group, a friend, spouse

Discussion Questions

  1.  Using the Handout provided explain your Family Genogram highlighting any Generational themes, earthquake events and relationships that have shaped you as a person.
  2. How has being Born Again into God’s perfect family healed the wounds of your childhood? Name a wound or generational curse God is dealing with now (Mark 3:31–35, John 1:12–13, Galatians 4:6-7).
  3. Pray for each others' families. For forgiveness, healing of curse & sin, honour of parents, restoration of relationships, etc.