Isaiah 58:13–14 (NIV)
Keep the Sabbath Holy

RESTED #4 - Caleb Nicholes.

The Sabbath is Separate! God designed people to be Rested, he even provided the Sabbath Day yet we are often consumed with rushing, leaving us with restless souls.

Sermon Application
Pray: Meditate on Isaiah 58:13–14
Do: Practice the Sabbath this week.

Discussion Questions
1. Which of the ‘5 reasons we’re plagued by Restlessness’ do you observe often?

2. Reflecting on the sermon, how do you now understand the relationship between God’s holiness and the Sabbath day as holy (sacred time)?

3. Read Isaiah 58:13–14 and discuss how Sabbath can be a delight rather than a religious burden or principal to ignore. 

4. Which of the ‘5 tips to keep the Sabbath Holy’ have you found helpful when practicing the Sabbath?